Everyone falls in love here! 

Heidelberg - a city in the Rhine-Neckar!

The city of science and romance is in southwestern Germany in the beautiful Neckar valley of the Palatinate. 

Especially students from all over the world, families and academics live in Heidelberg with its beautiful old town. The very scenic location and the world-renowned beauty of the city make it so appealing. 
All kinds of cultural and sports activities are possible here.
In addition to a traditional guided tour, the city can also be explored in a very modern way - for example, via the iPad challenge. The castle, the Old Bridge, various student bars are of course a must here. 

The surrounding area also offers plenty of fun - whether raft building on the nearby lake or an adventure event at one of the castles in the Neckar valley - there is something for everyone here. 

Frankfurt Airport is just 45 minutes away, which means it is convenient to get to from all over Germany.


  • Visit the castle and the historic old bridge etc. 
  • Ipad Challenge through Heidelberg 
  • Raft building on the nearby lake 
  • Barn evening in a quaint location 
  • Castle adventure in the Neckar Valley 
  • Beach party 
  • Visit to the observatory 
  • Hiking the philosopher's path to Thingstatte 
  • Trip to a great winery in the Palatinate

10 - 200


2-4 Tage

on demand