Target audience analysis

Find customers - bind customers?!

Do I want to acquire new customers or should my best customers have a stronger connection to the company; does it make sense to promote networks or partnerships or even build them myself?

Step 1 - customer selection

How do I choose the ideal target group for me? What methodology do I apply?
What big should the optimum target group be?

What would the optimal evaluation of the customer matrix be? Are strategy and corporate performance targets taken into account?

BCG Matrix

Step 2 - structure/content/Location

Where and how long should the event be? Should training courses etc. be offered? Does it make sense to integrate training?

Important: is an  internal / external compliance report required by a lawyer?

Step 3 - success is rises and falls with the right process!


Step 4 - success monitoring

After the action is performed, monitoring the success is of course the essential point in order to measure the results based on the performed target.  There are, of course, depending on the target, a number of possible measurement points such as revenue, earnings, number of new customers, customer satisfaction, response to new product launches, actions etc.

The result: new customer selection after BCG - the customer and acquisition of new customers are "moved"

Then: start a new action as a continuous process!