Formula 1 Challenge

Adults who become children again!

Is it not a great feeling to create something together, to implement the idea through teamwork and then to see the success of one's own creation? After completing the work one shakes the dust from one's clothes, looks at the final product and sees the beaming faces of one's teammates.

Divided into teams, the participants build their set of wheels with only a kit of boards and screws. Originality, perseverance, imagination and inventiveness come into full effect and whether this box is also suitable for driving is put to the test in an obstacle course.

Which of your employees will make it onto the podium to pop the champagne bottle?


  • Concept and organisation
  • Briefing and support
  • Providing the construction kits
  • Assembly tools
  • Equipment for the skill challenge (pylons, flags, helmets, etc.)
  • Moderation of the race and award ceremony
  • Champagne for the winner
  • Photos

Price samples

  • 20 persons for 65.- € p.P net
  • 50 persons for 55.- € p.P net
  • 90 persons for 48.- € p.P net

15 - 300


2h - 4h

off 38,90 €
additionally VAT