In the footsteps of Leonardo da Vinci

"There's a da Vinci in everyone"

According to this motto, the participants have the opportunity to live out their fantasy, hidden talent and daily inspiration.

Each participant will receive an easel with a canvas stretched on a stretcher frame. In order to realize their creativity, the "artists" are provided with colours, brushes and other utensils for painting and handicrafts. In the background there is classical music for mental support.

In order to make the action even more interesting, above all more team-oriented, the participants now have the task of creating A BIG one from small works of art. The result will be something in which everyone has worked for themselves, but also together.

During the creative phase, the participants will of course be able to fortify themselves with snacks and drinks.


  • Organization and planning of the event
  • Elaboration of the topic with the responsible person (product, team spirit, motivation etc.)
  • Provision of the required materials (easels, brushes, paints, etc.)
  • Musical accompaniment during the event
  • Provision of refreshments and snacks
  • Supervision/implementation by Creventiv-Guides
  • Post-production / creation of a photo CD

Price samples

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