Employee development programmes

What is employee retention - or - what is meant by this?

For companies, employee retention is one of the key requirements in terms of implementing its corporate strategy. It should connect all employees that maintain the company and the professionals that are hired as employees emotionally in the long term to the company, help them develop, and create solidarity because...

... the greatest asset of a company is its employees.

Because of demographic changes, in the future it will be increasingly important to encourage good employees and make them loyal to the company.

"We need to get used to the idea that companies depend far more on their best employees, than good people depend on companies." Peter F. Drucker (US economic visionary)

What measures can be envisaged for employee development?

Regular events (kickoffs, annual conferences, summer parties, Christmas parties, etc.) combined with information sessions.
Or also:

  • Workshops with active participation
  • In addition to motivation, the added value for the company is valuable
  • Forming clubs
  • Competitions with clear objectives such as sales, market share, etc.
  • Education/training - specific to the personnel and subject area
  • Bonus systems with additional events

With which method can I classify/develop my employees?

As a basis for the employee assessments, forming clubs, competitions, training, etc., the "skill-will" method can be applied at the departmental level or even at the employee level (using a scoring card).

„…Praise and attention as well as the option to manage projects and participate in groups motivates the respondents more than performance-based salary bonuses ... "