iPad Challenge

This is team building and a digital game all in one

Equipped with iPads, camera and other utensils, the participants get to go to exciting places where it is necessary to overcome appealing challenges together. The iPad challenge has long been considered the rally of the digital generation. With good reason, everything that modern technology has to offer is available here.

Where classical Geocaching still relied on a simple GPS device, this particular team event is now based on the iPad and its multi-functional communications electronics. Thus allowing for an interactive approach!

The participants take each other on in small groups. The aim is to solve various puzzles and tasks - whether it is taking the funniest photo, finding "prohibited places" or answering especially tricky questions. 

The field of the iPad challenge overlays itself like a puzzle on the selected "playgrounds". The opponent and their position is constantly in view; one goes with one's group to hunt and is able to exchange opinions  with other participants using the chat function. The location of the other teams can always be found on the field map.  But watch out: there are several tricks to throw the enemy into confusion and to decide the race against time for yourself!

A truly versatile and interactive team event that requires some strategy and keeps so many challenges on stand by...


  • Preparation of the team-oriented tasks 
  • Programming the route 
  • Providing the iPads 
  • Detailed instructions 
  • Supervision of an experienced Creventiv guide 
  • Meal ready to eat (snacks, softdrinks) for each participant 
  • Evaluation of results 
  • Photos

Price samples

  • 20 persons for 64.- € p.P net
  • 50 persons for 58.- € p.P net
  • 90 persons for 54.- € p.P net


10 - 200


1,5h - 4h

off 84,90 €
additionally VAT