The cultural centre in the heart of Thuringia!

Weimar is known for its cultural heritage. 

Magnificent buildings and historic houses line the entire city here. Absolute historical highlights include the Goethe & Schiller archive, the Bauhaus, and the City Palace. But many other buildings are worth seeing. 

The idyllic location of the city offers all sorts of possibilities. Enjoy a Cabrio rally specially for you in the beautiful Thuringian countryside or bike along the Ilm.  

A GPS tour of the city is also no obstacle. You'll get to know Weimar in a different way. 

Weimar is located in Thuringia and is best reached by car. The surrounding cities such as Eisenach and Gotha are also worth a visit.  

We are happy to take care of complete  organisation of the incentives.


  • GPS-Tour through the city
  • Cabriolet Tour across Thuringia
  • historical Highlights
  • historic houses of Goethe and Schiller
  • biking trip
  • city tour
  • trip to Eisenach and/or Gotha
  • etc.

10 - 150


2-4 Tage

on demand

spring, summer, autumn