On a mobile course

A stick with a disk, a course to play on and a lot of "good fun" - more is not needed for the popular national curling sport.

Oh no, we don't want to take you out on the ice. With our mobile indoor and outdoor curling rink we get your team into a sweat no matter the season. Not only precision and skill are required, but also the fun and a sense of community.

Divided into teams, the participants fight for the title and subsequently the reached target is celebrated together with a drink at the bar!


  • Planning, designing and implementing the event
  • Complete ice rink with wall
  • Securing material
  • Curling stones
  • Playing schedule
  • Supervision of an experienced Creventiv guide
  • Award ceremony
  • Photos

Price samples

  • 20 persons for 41.- € p.P net
  • 40 persons for 38.- € p.P net
  • 60 persons for 35.- € p.P net

10 - 100


2h - 3h

off 39,50 €
additionally VAT

primarily winter