Museum rallye

Hunt for the mysterious treasure

The group undertakes an expedition into the "realm of technology" in the Sinsheim or Speyer Technik Museum. The aim is to track down the "mysterious" treasure that is hidden in the museum.

Once the group has been divided into expedition teams and their equipment such as walkie-talkies, task catalogue, digital cameras, etc. has been distributed, you're ready to start.

The teams will quickly note that something is wrong with the list of tasks! "The clues are ... odd?"

In this case, it is important for the teams to work with each other and not against each other in order to find the treasure.


  • Preparing the team tasks/catalogue of tasks 
  • Provision of equipment (digital camera, walkie talkies etc.) 
  • Support from several experienced Creventiv guides 
  • mysterious treasure chest with a small commemorative gift 
  • small meal ready to eat 
  • photos

Price samples

  • 20 persons for 47.- € p.P net
  • 50 persons for 43.- € p.P net
  • 90 persons for 38.- € p.P net

10 - 300

Sinsheim or

1,5h - 4h

off 30,50 €
additionally VAT