GPS Survivaltour

Back to the roots with the GPS device!

Your goal is to improve communication within the team, to illuminate old team behaviours or to optimise the team spirit with an exciting, active social experience!

Equipped with GPS equipment, backpack and many other utensils, various tasks need to be solved. The most diverse challenges await you at the individual stations. You will be required, for example, to retrieve a key from a peat pool, recognise different odors, cut a tree trunk with a saw specially built by you, overcome a dangerous surface and solve many other tasks!

The aim of this search is to solve the riddle and find a mysterious treasure by the end of the tour.

The challenges all demand imagination, skill and team spirit!


  • Conceptualisation, planning and implementation
  • Preparation of the team-oriented tasks
  • Programming the route
  • Providing the GPS devices
  • Provision of materials for the team tasks (building a saw, building an axe, bog pools, ...)
  • Detailed instructions
  • Supervision of an experienced Creventiv guide
  • Meal ready to eat (snacks, softdrinks) for each participant
  • Evaluation of results
  • Photos

Price samples

  • 20 persons for 65.- € p.P net
  • 50 persons for 58.- € p.P net
  • 100 persons for 53.- € p.P net

20 - 150


2h - 4h

off 54,90 €
additionally VAT

spring, summer, autumn