Crime rallye

12:00 local time!

There's a gunshot heard near a bank branch. A suspect flees with a bag full of money. Shortly thereafter, the local police arrive under the direction of our detective commissioner and begin to secure leads. But somehow the forensic colleagues overlooked some very important details. Now the help of your Sonderkommando is needed.

During our crime rally, you slip into the role of an investigative team at your company event and, equipped with navigation and forensic technology, search in dubious locations for important clues that could contribute to the solution of this case. This is where important clues come to light. Who is the perpetrator? What was his motive and where is he now?

A nerve-racking team event at the highest level, which is above all about good cooperation and communication.


  • Conception, planning and organization
  • team organization
  • Provision of all necessary aids
  • iPads incl. all necessary materials
  • Winner prizes for the winning team
  • Drinks/snacks during the tour
  • Supervision by trained Creventiv-Guides
  • Evaluation and "shot" pictures of the tour

Price samples

  • 20 persons for 66.- € p.P net
  • 50 persons for 59.- € p.P net
  • 90 persons for 55.- € p.P net

10 - 100


2h - 4h

off 69,00 €
additionally VAT